Channel Rustic Siding

Style and protection combined, Channel Rustic siding is rugged wood siding that stands up to harsh weather and looks great doing it.

Benefits of Channel Rustic Siding

This siding provides excellent weather protection with channels that add depth and allow for breathing in variable climates. Channel Rustic Siding works in exterior or interior applications.

Channel Rustic Grading

Channel Rustic Siding has diverse style options that delivers a consistently rustic look. Channel  Rustic Siding allows excellent breathability throughout the year, and encourages water and snow runoff in wet weather.  Cedar’s knotty grade gives a look that really stands out and captivates your neighbors.

Installation Versatility

Install with the rough side exposed for a rough sawn texture, or smooth-side out for a contemporary application. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference.

See Channel Rustic Siding in Action!

Looking for inspiration? Not sure which siding would look best with your home? Check out our gallery of Channel Rustic Siding applications!

NSC channel rustic 4
NSC channel rustic 3