Our Company History

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Norcross Supply was an established building supply company. Begun in 1946, Norcross Supply originally stood on the outskirts of downtown Norcross, near the intersection of Buford Highway and South Peachtree. In late 2007, a devastating fire forced our relocation to a temporary location in Doraville. But in the Spring of 2009, Norcross Supply moved to a new and permanent home on a sprawling 8 acre site back within the city limits of Norcross.


The early years of the company saw its business vary with the changing needs of builders and contractors. Lumber, hardware, windows & doors, bricks, and even individual shovel loads of sand were commonly sold products. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the modern Norcross Supply Company began to take shape, and cedar led the way.


Apartment complexes and new homes in the Atlanta area were some of the early cedar adopters. Many of these customers used cedar for siding applications. Through hard work, and attentiveness to quality, Norcross Supply helped drive cedar’s reputation for durable beauty. Since its introduction, Norcross’ cedar portfolio has expanded to include roofing, fencing, posts & beams, as well as interior paneling products.


During the 1990′s, Norcross expanded the depth of its specialty product mix to include southern cypress. Popular for decking and siding applications, cypress is a cost effective alternative to pine or synthetic products.


Today, Norcross Supply continues to be a leading supplier of cedar and southern cypress products. We carry a line of accessory products that includes stains and preservatives, galvanized nails, and post bases and tops.