Shiplap Siding

Shiplap siding is popular in creating a farmhouse look in combination with contemporary elements.


Paint it with a dark or transparent stain to complement your décor style. Install Shiplap siding horizontally and excellent for exterior siding, porch ceilings, soffit, and accent wall application.


The overlapping board design provided by Shiplap wood siding enables the siding to withstand cooler climates and ensures quality insulation. If you’re looking to cut back a little on your heating bill, Shiplap can aid in insulation. It is incredibly durable, versatile, and easy to install. Installation is so simple; any skill-level of builder can do it with only a hammer and saw to get the job done! This design allows for easy removal and replacement – which makes maintenance a non-issue.

Installation Versatility

Radiata Pine Shiplap is resistant to rot and decay, loaded with natural oils and resins; it is an excellent exterior application choice. It’s rich in color and grain and yields warmth and classic charm.

See It in Action!

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NSC shiplap 3-small
NSC shiplap 4-small