Pressure-Treated Pine Lumber

We carry a catalog of pressure-treated pine lumber including decking, posts, and hollow columns that are resistant to moisture, the elements, and general physical damage.

Why Choose Pressure-Treated Pine Lumber?

The pine lumber has to be pressure-treated, meaning that various chemical preservatives are applied to the planks to protect them from weather, bugs, and other outdoor elements that would usually cause the wood to rot and break down.

More affordable.

Better for humid climates.

More soil-resistant.

Pressure-Treated Pine’s versatility makes it a suitable building material for just about any project, from mounting a mailbox to building a full deck or an outdoor play-set for children.

Pressure-Treated wood is resistant to the elements, damage and moisture. Its everyday use is in the construction of decks, boardwalks and playgrounds.  A unique process endows features such as resistance to the elements, damage, and moisture. It infuses sturdy features that render building material less susceptible to insects, fungal decay, and rot. Pressure-Treated wood is ideal for construction projects.

  • Fungal, Insect, & Fire Resistance: Natural wood left in moist or wet environments allows fungus, bacteria, and insects to take root. Pressure-Treated lumber is resistant to all of this as well as fire damage.
  • Variety of Size: Pressure-Treated lumber is available in a wide range of sizes for different applications.
  • Durability: Strong and capable of withstanding significant wear and tear. It is also resistant to scratches and dents. It will appear beautiful post-installation and is ideal for long-term uses.

See Pressure-Treated Pine in Action!

See how our customers use Pressure-Treated Pine in their projects.