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Why Choose Hemlock?

Often used for moldings and trim because of its ability to resist warping and twisting. When stained, Hemlock reflects more pronounced grain patterns than other softwoods and has moderate resistance to scratching and dents.

The Benefits of Hemlock Lumber

Holds paint and glue well.

Protected from insect attack.

Highly durable in outdoor applications.

Durable and stable application for log home construction.

The ease of machining and finishing has made Hemlock an increasingly popular alternative to hardwood for furniture and cabinets. Lack of pitch and resin also makes Hemlock ideal for the dry heat of saunas.

Hemlock Lumber For Sale in Norcross, GA

Hemlock is one of the most popular types of wood used in the production of infrared saunas. The wood is light in color and comes with a lower cost, making it more affordable from the outset to build saunas using Hemlock. On top of that, the heavier weight and greater strength make it less expensive to produce as heavy-duty fixtures aren’t required to secure the end product.

  • Resistant to Shrinkage: This gives Hemlock a longer usage life compared to others as it resists cracking and splitting.
  • Non-allergenic/Non-toxic: Beneficial to your body and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for any users.
  • Strength: Its strength makes it fairly resistant to wear and tear.

See Hemlock in Action!

Take a look at some of the successful Hemlock projects by our customers.

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