When it comes to selecting a product based on its versatility, durability and good looks, Cypress is hard to beat.

Why Choose Cypress?

While popular for outdoor applications, Cypress is suitable inside the home as well. The wood’s beauty and versatility make it ideal for a wide range of interior uses, ranging from paneling, cabinetry and flooring to millwork, railing, decorative beams and built-in furniture.

Cypress is a low-cost, high-longevity wood.

Easy to work with; hand and power tool friendly.

Denser than other woods, making it easily resist shrinkage and highly energy efficient.

Cypress oil provides a barrier against all forms of insects and rotting.

Cypress offers a rich grain, texture and color that complements any architectural style, from rustic to contemporary. No special precautions are required for painting or staining cypress paneling, cabinetry, moldings or other interior applications.

Cypress is an economical and sustainable softwood timber species. The highly durable species is naturally termite resistant making it great for building and construction applications such as cladding, fencing and landscaping. At the same time, the features of Cypress timber create an appealing and unique flooring product. It is seen as sawn timber in framework and other aspects of general building construction. Cypress is generally used as flooring, cladding and fencing material and is applied for decorative purposes such as quality indoor and outdoor furniture, turnery, joinery, carving, parquetry and linings.

  • Resistant to Rot: Cypress’ own oils naturally resist rot, fungus and decay.
  • Repels Bugs: Termites and other bugs are repelled by Cypress oils. Your home’s Cypress structures will act as a natural deterrent to pests.
  • Practicality: Excellent at absorbing stains. Planes easily and resists warping.

See Cypress in Action!

Take a look at some of the successful Cypress projects by our customers.