Plywood and Lattice

From formwork to internal paneling, use plywood for a wide range of structural, interior, and exterior applications.

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Why Choose Plywood?

Plywood is an extremely versatile product that is used for a wide range of structural, interior, and exterior applications, from formwork to internal paneling.

Plywood doesn’t split easily.

Plywood is great for curved surfaces.

Plywood offers more value for your money.

Plywood is preferable for manufacturing furniture and the construction of walls, floors, or boats, among other uses. Its wide variety of benefits qualifies it as the best wood product on the market.

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From cladding, doors, flooring, paneling, stairs and more, Plywood offers a full spectrum of options to make your construction work easier and simpler.

  • Increased stability: Plywood offers all the inherent advantages of the parent wood plus enhanced properties in its laminated structure.
  • High impact resistance: Plywood can accommodate the occasional short-term overload, up to twice the design load. This is useful where a seismic activity or cyclonic winds can occur. Plywood’s strength is also beneficial when used as construction flooring or as concrete formwork.
  • Surface dimensional stability: The cross-laminated construction of plywood ensures that plywood sheets remain reasonably stable under temperature and moisture changes. This feature is essential in flooring and formwork construction, where you expect moisture exposure.
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Add style, curb appeal, and character to a fence, pergola, patio, or raised foundation with Cedar Lattice.

Contains natural oils and resins that prevent rot and decay

Can be painted, stained, or left untouched

Well made, sturdy, and easy to cut

Add new dimensions to the appearance of your property without removing natural light with Western Red Cedar Lattice. Sturdy and long-lasting, Cesar Lattice is an uncomplicated and method to upgrade your home’s look and increase property value. Use lattice to add privacy and elegance to outdoor projects such as garden trellis, deck skirting, and gazebos.

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