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Choosing the Best Wood for Your Deck

Like your outdoor furniture, the type of decking material you use will significantly impact the functionality and durability of your deck. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the appropriate type of wood before the deck building project begins.

Various types of woods have different levels of durability. Some of the most common concerns that may affect your wood decking choice include rot from moisture, insect infestation, and maintenance costs.

Unless you don’t mind replacing your wood deck now and then, you should consider a durable wood material. At Norcross Supply, you will find quality deck-building materials for your decking project, including;

Pressure-Treated Pine Lumber

One of the most popular wood types used for decking is pressure-treated pine lumber. The pinewood undergoes chemical preservation to enhance its resistance to insects and moisture. At Norcross Supply, we stock a large inventory of pressure treated lumber for all your outdoor projects needs.

Our pressure-treated pine is a popular option for homeowners because of its accessibility and affordable pricing. What’s better is that the wood decking can last for decades. However, it would help if you considered pressure washing and adding a coat of stain after a few years.

Western Red Cedar Lumber

Western Red Cedar is aesthetically appealing and has natural properties ideal for deck building. Cedar is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Besides, it has natural preservatives that prevent decay and insect infestation.

At Norcross Supply, our Western Red Cedar can hold different types of finishes to enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space. This means you are not limited to creating a dark stain, traditional solid color, bleaches, or semi-transparent finishes.

Our Western Red Cedar lumber offers superior environmental performance than typical synthetic decking materials. Besides, our Western Red Cedar has a class ‘B’ fire resistance classification by the National Fire Protection Association.

The Western Red Cedar is sustainably sourced from certified forests, meaning that they are perfect for homeowners who are conscious about safeguarding the environment. Besides, the Western Red Cedar is lighter than redwood, which means it’s easier to drill or cut, thus making your deck-building project easier.

Why is Wood Decking Popular?

  • Energy consumption- The energy used to produce wood products is way less significant than making steel, concrete, or other deck building materials.
  • Environmental impact- Wood produces significantly fewer toxins and greenhouse gases than synthetic deck building options.
  • Durability- Wood products can withstand wear and tear for years, making them ideal for building long-term structures.

Contact us to Learn More and Get Started

Whether you intend to use Pressure Treated Pine or Western Red Cedar, Norcross Supply Company has the resources you need to make the deck-building process more seamless. Check out our decking supplies today to find the most suitable material for your decking project.

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