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Building Strong: Norcross Supply
Atlanta’s Premier Choice for Lumber – and More

Norcross Supply has long been a cornerstone of the Norcross, Georgia community, serving as a dedicated lumber supply house that vastly outstrips the limited offerings of typical big box store lumber departments. Norcross Supply traces its roots back to a beginning in 1946 and is now completing its 8th decade of service here.

Situated on a sprawling 8-acre site, Norcross Supply offers an extensive inventory that is tailored not only to the needs of trade companies but is also open to the general public. See why local deck, fence, and home building companies—and even individual DIY enthusiasts—find Norcross to be a valuable partner for their construction needs.

Extensive Inventory Beyond Big Box Offerings

Unlike the confined lumber sections found in big box retailers, Norcross Supply boasts an impressive range of wood types including cedar, hemlock, fir, and pine, alongside modern composite decking options like Trex. This diverse inventory ensures that whether the project calls for classic charm or cutting-edge materials, Norcross has the stock to meet and exceed requirements. Need Red Cedar? Norcross has all the grades.

Specialized Supplies for Building Projects

Norcross Supply goes beyond mere lumber provision, offering an array of essential building components such as nails, screws, railings, and stains. This one-stop-shop capability not only saves time but also reduces the hassle of multiple supplier negotiations. For builders and contractors, the convenience of obtaining all necessary parts from a single, knowledgeable source is a significant advantage.

Tailored Services and Expertise

The team at Norcross Supply is comprised of seasoned professionals who bring a deep understanding of both materials and the nuances of building projects. Whether customers need guidance selecting the right type of wood or require custom cutting or treatment services, Norcross staff members are equipped to provide expert advice and practical solutions. Their hands-on approach helps in translating complex project requirements into tangible outcomes, ensuring that every purchase is precisely what is needed.

Benefits to Local Builders and Contractors

Norcross Supply’s proximity offers tangible benefits for Atlanta-area builders. With extensive stock on hand, builders can expect quick access to materials, enabling faster project completion. Additionally, the offer of free delivery for orders over $1,500 within a 30-mile radius further enhances the appeal, as it reduces overhead costs and simplifies logistics for large-scale projects.

Contractors and builders have learned to rely upon Norcross to have on hand just about everything they need when it comes to lumber for their projects. And, if they don’t have it in stock, they’ll have it for you as quickly–or quicker than–anybody else. The Norcross Supply phone number is on the speed dial of virtually every cellphone of every lumber-using contractor in the Greater Atlanta area. We’re members of some of your local associations.

Choosing Norcross Supply means more than just buying lumber; it means forming a partnership with a supplier who is invested in your project’s success. From expansive inventory to expert advice and tailored services, Norcross provides unmatched value. We invite all local builders, contractors, and even homeowners to visit our warehouse and explore the vast possibilities that our materials can offer your projects.

Experience the difference that Norcross Supply can make for your next building project. Visit us in Norcross, Georgia, or contact us to discuss your material needs and see how we can help streamline your next project with quality supplies and expert service.

Visit Norcross Supply’s extensive resources and customer-oriented services, at 4955 Buford Highway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30071, or call us at (770) 448-2128

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