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Best Screws for Cedar Decking

If you’re thinking about building a deck for your outdoor space, cedar is one of the best materials to consider. It is a natural wood resistant to moisture, rot, decay, or insects; it requires less maintenance and doesn’t warp easily. One of the most crucial yet overlooked aspects of building a quality cedar decking is selecting suitable fasteners.

It’s important to understand that all fasteners are designed to suit specific applications, materials and environments. You can either use nails or screws. However, screws last longer and create stronger joints. At Norcross Supply Company, we have quality hardware and decking supplies to complete your next deck-building project. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need cedar, cypress, pressure-treated pine, fasteners, or other deck supplies.

Best Screws for Cedar Decking

All wood decking materials require a corrosion resistant fastening material. Screws that corrode have unsightly stains, thus ruining the overall look of your decking. At a bare minimum, the type of screw you pick should be galvanized to offer protection from corrosion. Stainless steel screws are among the best options for cedar decking since they are less likely to react with salt and water.

Stainless Steel for Cedar Decking

If you want a seamless finish with your cedar decking, stainless steel offers the corrosion resistance properties you need. If you are using the Western Red Cedar, it’s advisable to use 304 or 305 stainless steel screws. It’s also important to consider the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing a specific type of stainless steel screw for your cedar decking.

At Norcross Supply Company, we have a team of dedicated experts to guide you on the best type of stainless steel screws to suit your deck-building project. We also stock quality Simpson Strong-Tie screws to help you build an appealing and functional deck.

Why You Should Choose Norcross Supply Company

At Norcross Supply, we understand that you need time to focus on the project, which is why we created a one-stop-shop with quality building solutions. You will find quality lumber, siding, deck supplies and hardware for your decking project. Some of the reasons why we remain a top brand in the construction industry include:

  • Quality customer service- We have been in the lumber industry for over 30 years and understand the game’s rules. Our professionals are more than ready to offer a helping hand if you need expert advice.
  • Seamless pick-up & delivery- Our quality of service doesn’t end once you make the purchase. We will ensure that your products are in good condition before they get to your premises.
  • Quality products- We partner with the industry’s top brands to bring you quality products for your construction needs.

Contact Us Today to Make an Order

Our lumber experts at Norcross Supply Company are ready to help you complete your next home improvement project. Whether you want quality hardware, deck supplies or lumber, contact us today to find out how we can assist.

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