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Tsuga canadensis or Eastern Hemlock is the name of a type of tree with a similar smell to the poisonous plant hemlock. While there’s a lot of confusion between the two, the tree and the plant are actually completely unrelated!

Hemlock lumber is a popular choice for a variety of different projects, especially as an alternative for hardwoods in indoor projects like cabinets or furniture pieces. If you’re considering opting for hemlock materials, here’s everything you need to know about it:

What Are the Characteristics of Hemlock Lumber?

Hemlock wood is able to resist both warping and twisting, which means it’s used mostly for moldings and trim. When stained properly, the wood has moderate resistance to scratching as well as dents. Staining also helps enhance the appearance of the lumber and makes the grains appear a lot more pronounced than in the case of other softwoods.

It’s popular both for indoor and outdoor projects thanks to its ability to hold paint and glue very well and deter pests because of its natural smells.

It is resistant to shrinkage and can have a longer lifespan because it’s less prone to splinting or even cracking. While not the most durable type of lumber out there, hemlock does have a bit of natural strength to it and can resist wear and tear quite nicely.

What Can You Use Hemlock for?

HemlockNSC hemlock 2 is very easy to work with, both with power tools and handheld tools, however, cross-cutting it can lead to a bit of tearing.

The lumber can grip screws nicely and accept glues without much problems as well as other treatments. This means that with the right preparation, you can use hemlock lumber both for indoor and outdoor projects, and the results will come out nicely.

Hemlock can be used for creating window or door frames, and even floor panels or molding. Its durability hasn’t gone unnoticed, and you can even find hemlock ladders on the market, or even use it for various stairs components like the steps themselves.

Because it’s so well handled, hemlock is increasing in popularity as an alternative to hardwoods for furniture and cabinets especially in the areas of the home that are prone to extra moisture like the bathroom or kitchen. In fact, hemlock is a top choice for dry heat saunas.

Other than that, you can expect to see hemlock used in crates, plywood, boxes, and several other construction purposes. The source material is quite adaptable, but the secret lies in how you prepare and treat the lumber.

Final Thoughts

Hemlock lumber is becoming a more common presence in people’s households, and for really good reasons. If you are planning on using hemlock for an indoor or outdoor project, make sure to purchase it from a reliable supplier who can offer you the highest quality in hemlock.

Norcross Supply Company is happy to help Atlanta homeowners get access to the very best hemlock lumber. Reach out to us today for more information about our lumber.

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