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Do Deer Eat Western Red Cedar?

Deer loves feeding on various garden plants, including cedar trees. They can actually cause extensive damage to seedlings and trees. They can also destroy your wood decking if they enter your backyard. However, repelling the deer as you protect your deck can stop them from grazing in your backyard. The most obvious solution is to fence or build your deck using deer-resistant lumber.

Some varieties of cedar, such as white cedar and the evergreen cedar with scale-like leaves, are the most preferred food for deer. Also, deer can feed on deer-resistant hedges, Thuja occidentalis, and Screen White Cedar, but cannot eat Western Red Cedar.

How Do You Protect Your Deck?

The best way to keep deer away from your deck is by protecting the deck with high-quality lumber. Western Red Cedar is said to have deer-resistant properties that can help repel these pesky animals. Besides, it’s durable and naturally resistant to decay, rot, and pest attacks, meaning your deck will last longer with minimal maintenance.

If you’re looking for Western Red Cedar, Norcross Supply Company offers a range of lumber options along with quality sealants and stains. This softwood comes with a couple of benefits, including;

  • It adds a beautiful, natural charm to your outdoor space
  • Western Red Cedar delivers superior performance as compared to synthetic products
  • Natural cedar is perfect for holding bleaches, dark stains, and traditional solid colors
  • It exhibits fire-resistance properties

At Norcross Supply Company, you will also find a wide range of sealants and stains used to prolong the life of outdoor wood constructions, such as shingles, decks, siding, and cedar shakes. The sealants significantly reduce splitting, surface erosion, checking, and water absorption. Typically, ordering your Western Red Cedar from Norcross Supply Company takes three simple steps:

  1. Make a call or visit the Norcross store – Once you make your first call, the sales representatives at Norcross Supply Company will take time to understand your project and discuss the materials that would be most suitable.
  2. Pickup or deliver – After your order is processed, you can pick your materials or allow us to deliver them to you, depending on your preferences. If you choose to pick the products yourself, you don’t need to get out of your vehicle. The Norcross team will load the items into your trailer to enhance efficiency.
  3. Start building – Now that you have all the materials delivered to your home, it is time to build your dream structure.

Need to Purchase Western Red Cedar for Your Outdoor Space Construction? Contact us Now

If you contemplate improving your exterior living space with durable structures, we have reliable lumber and other building materials at Norcross Supply Company, including the Western Red Cedar. Please contact us online or call us at 770-448-2128 to see how we can help you with your next home improvement project.

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