Among the most popular types of wood used to construct indoor features and exterior features, cedar wood is celebrated for its beauty, durability, and natural insect-repelling properties. Cedar trees are popularly grown on the Eastern and Western coasts of the U.S. While not a hardwood, cedar is preferred over many other types of wood because of its natural resistance to rot and decay, which makes it ideal for constructing decking, flooring, and furniture.

Some of the most popular types of cedar wood used by residents and construction professionals include:

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Eastern White Cedar

Characteristics of Cedar Wood

  • Durability for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can withstand significant weather changes (which makes it an excellent option for outdoor siding and decking)
  • Not prone to decay or rot
  • Does not warp or swell
  • Features natural insect-repelling properties
  • Naturally sound resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Aesthetically beautiful

What Are Some Common Uses for Cedar Lumber?

Cedarwood is an excellent choice for many indoor and outdoor applications. Indoors, it’s used for paneling, flooring, trims, and staircases. Exterior uses of cedar include siding (especially log siding), decks, fencing, and railings. Many manufacturers use cedar to create furniture such as tables, wardrobes, and chests.

Is Cedar Lumber a Good Choice for Outdoor Applications?

Many builders and homeowners favor cedar for outdoor uses because of its natural resistance to weather changes, moisture, and insects. Though a soft wood, it’s highly durable. Cedar’s natural look is appealing, but it also has excellent finishing qualities that make it popular for uses such as fencing and decks. Cedar lumber is widely used in the construction of outdoor features such as:


With good maintenance and care, cedar decks should last as long as 20 years. Cedar wood is naturally resistant to moisture, which makes it a good use for backyard decks–even decks alongside swimming pools. Cedar does not easily split or warp, which makes it suitable for high-traffic areas like decks and deck stairs.


Cedar fencing is durable and aesthetically attractive. As it’s naturally resistant to insects and rot, it’s an excellent choice for backyard fencing. It’s also easy to customize cedar wood, so fencing can be made in multiple styles. Cedar’s coloring, as it changes, is also pleasing to many property owners. Over time, its reddish hue turns a silvery gray.


Many builders and homeowners opt for cedar shingles because the wood is easy to work with and has natural moisture and rot-resistant properties. Cedar is also solid and durable, making it a popular roofing option.


Siding is another everyday use of cedar wood. Cedar is durable, weather resistant, rot, and mildew resistant, and pest resistant. Cedar is popularly used for log siding.

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