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Did you know that wood decks can begin to rot after as little as two years?

Without proper care and protection, the boards that make up your beautiful deck can become discolored and spongy and even start to come apart when wet.

Fortunately, TWP stains can help maximize your deck’s lifespan and visual appeal. This quick guide will go over some of the top benefits of using TWP products. Keep reading for more.

TWP Stains are EPA Registered

When you’re staining a deck, it probably doesn’t occur to you to ask whether the Environmental Protection Agency approves your deck stain. But EPA guidelines are essential for maintaining the health of your family and the world we call home.

The good news is, with TWP stains, you don’t have to ask: all stains meet EPA guidelines for wood preservative chemicals.

Preserve Natural Wood Color

Although maintaining the structural integrity of your deck is important, preserving the natural pigments in the wood is, too. So you’ll be happy to learn that TWP stain does a stellar job of maintaining the natural beauty of real wood.

TWP products provide excellent protection from UV graying and discoloring. And unlike most stains, wood treated with TWP stain is less prone to darkening over time.

Minimize Splitting, Erosion, and Water Absorption

TWP stains penetrate deeply into wooden surfaces to provide maximum protection against water damage and wood rot. Its oil-based formula prevents water from absorbing into the wood, causing it to bead and run off instead.

Avoid Mold and Mildew

TWP’s versatility goes far beyond maintaining the look and sturdiness of wooden structures. These stains also contain mildew agents that prohibit unwanted fungi growth.

While most stain brands will help temporarily mitigate mold, that doesn’t mean they will resist fungi growth like TWP.

Reapply Less Often Than Other Stains

Because TWP stains are so effective, a single application can last much longer than competing stains.

Not only does TWP stain last longer than other stains, but when it comes to applying a new coat, the job is as simple as it was the first time. You use a fresh coat without scraping or sanding the wood required.

This is because TWP doesn’t leave excessive solids on wood surfaces as many stains do. Solids peel and blister over time, meaning they must be sanded down before a new coat can be applied. TWP avoids this altogether.

Experience the Benefits of TWP Stains

By now, you can see why TWP stains are such a popular option for preserving and maintaining decks and other wood structures. But to understand these advantages, you’ve got to experience them yourself.

Norcross Supply is a leading supplier of wood stains and other decking supply products.

Check out our gallery for some design inspiration to get an idea of how our TWP stains can revolutionize your backyard.


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