What is the difference between Trex Transcend Composite Deck Railing and Aluminum Deck Railing?

An excellent comparison of aluminum and composite railing involves evaluating several preferences and factors. Each of the materials has its set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, composite can be more economical and provide a more traditional look than aluminum.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. At Norcross Supply Company, we have high-quality supplies to enhance the appearance of your railing. Check out this comparison and learn how to pick the best railing options for your outdoor living space.

  • Cost

The average cost of aluminum railing material can be between $40 and $50 per linear foot. However, the total cost can increase significantly due to installation costs. On the other hand, the price per linear foot of Trex Transcend composite material can range from $20-$35. The cost of maintaining a composite railing is also relatively lower than that of an aluminum railing.

  • Durability and Lifespan

The lifespan of an aluminum railing can be challenging to determine. Some manufacturers may provide a 20-year warranty, but it is not easy to find a lifetime warranty for these railings. However, it is essential to find details about the material’s resilience since it may come with some additions to prolong its useful life.

The composites used in Trex Transcend railings are designed with some post-consumer recycled materials. These railings come with a 25-year residential fade and stain warranty. With a Trex Transcend railing, you no longer have to deal with issues like peeling, warping, splintering, and rotting with wood balusters. Composite railing can be protected against stains, mold, mildew, and other problems affecting word or other railing materials.

  • Color Options

Typically, aluminum is available in fewer color options than composite. Standard aluminum railing colors include beige, white, brown, and bronze. Despite the shortage of aluminum railing color options, manufacturers create railings with different designs to help you create a deck that stands out.

The deep wood grain pattern of the Trex Transcend composite railing comes in a wide range of colors. You can try out multi-tonal colors like Lava Rock, Gravel Path, Vintage Lantern, Rope Swing, etc.

One of the best options is that you can mix and match these colors to form a perfect solution for your railing needs. With a Trex Transcend composite railing, it all comes down to the color and style your project requires. However, aluminum and composite deck railings are great alternatives and will make your home aesthetically appealing.

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