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Hemlock Wood for Outdoor Use

Eastern Hemlock, sometimes called Tsuga, is the name of a tree with the same smell as the poisonous hemlock plant. It’s a wood popularly known in North America and appreciated for its resistance to weather and humidity and rustic appearance bearing a rich tone. Hemlock is an excellent choice for outdoor applications, mainly as an alternative for hardwoods in exterior projects like decking, siding, and structures. While Hemlock is classified as softwood and easily cracks, its timber can equally be as strong as hardwoods if handled with care. If you’re considering hemlock lumber for your outdoor projects, follow through to learn more about it.

Characteristics of Hemlock Lumber

  • Incredible strength-to-weight ratio
  • Moderately coarse and uneven in texture
  • Have moderate natural strength
  • Resistance to shrinkage
  • More durable for outdoor applications
  • It can hold glue, stain, and paint and protect against insect attack
  • Polishes excellently
  • Good machining properties

Is Hemlock Lumber Better Than Cedar or Fir?

Hemlock is considered a much stronger wood with the ability to resist decay. It is tougher than cedar and fir, especially when pests attack it. However, it’s less stable than cedar.

Is Hemlock Lumber Good for Outdoor Use?

Hemlock is an excellent wood for exterior use. With brilliant properties such as rot-resistant and wear-resistant, it can be a reliable choice for outdoor projects. Some people report that hemlock lumber holds up better than treated wood depending on specific conditions. Hemlock lumber can endure twisting, warping, and insect attack, making it suitable for outdoor use. Moreover, if stained well, the lumber experiences moderate resistance to dents and scratches. Hemlock lumber is ideal for outdoor and farm applications, including:

  • Framing – Hemlock is strong and light and can resist warping and twisting, making it a preferred wood for framing lumber. In addition, it’s less costly and locally available compared to hardwood. Just ensure it dries properly before using it in your construction.
  • Decking – Hemlock wood can also be used as a decking material. Since Hemlock is a more attractive wood that’s in the same price range as cedar and pine, you may want to consider it when designing your deck.
  • Plywood – Hemlock lumber has a moderately even texture and a good strength-to-weight ratio. Thus, the wood’s veneer sheets can be used to make plywood, often used for construction work like furniture.
  • Other uses – Hemlock is rot-resistant, tough, and strong, and it is the go-to wood for outdoor applications requiring solid strength. It is widely used for barn repair and construction, fencing, and raised garden beds. However, there is no precise estimation of how long Hemlock lumber would last in the soil, but in the proper conditions, some say it lasts up to seven years.

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