There are various types of wood available for multiple purposes. Each has different properties, determining how suitable a particular lumber is for a given application. Hemlock is a softwood that can be ideal for a range of products and projects.

Keep reading for a rundown of some of the main benefits of hemlock wood.


Strength is one of the most critical factors of wood, and it can vary substantially. Hemlock, which has many knots, can split or splinter quite easily during machining.

Hemlock that has a smooth grain, however, is very durable. It’s resistant to wear and tear, which makes it ideal for parts of buildings that experience a lot of traffic. This makes it a common choice for structures (especially in the farming industry) and a range of other uses.

Resistance to Warping

Warping and twisting are among the main issues with many kinds of wood. Compared to woods like pine, hemlock has good resistance to warping – an ideal trait if you’re looking for the best wood for moldings.

Good Alternative to Hardwood

Hardwoods are generally quite expensive. Hemlock has a dense grain, so despite being a softwood, it’s stronger than many hardwoods. As such, it’s ideal for things like doors and stairs.

Weathers Well

All woods are susceptible to weathering. They dry out, fade, and lose their original appearance. Staining or painting can help protect against this, but you should stick with a more natural look.

Hemlock is known to gain a desirable appearance as it weathers. With time it will turn a brown-red color that many people find appealing. Most other lumbers tend to lose their color, turning more grey.


Hemlock is a fairly mid-range wood. There are cheaper options, but it’s far from the most expensive. With that in mind, the other benefits make it a great choice regarding value for money.

Holds Finishes Well

You might want to paint or stain the wood, and hemlock is ideal for this (as long as it has been dried thoroughly). It holds paint, stain, and wax better than most other types of wood so it can be the best wood for trim in some situations. Just note that a dark stain might make the grain stand out, so you should use a lighter color if you want to avoid this.

Good for Lamination

Hemlock is a fairly porous material. This means that, much like finishes, hemlock also holds glue well. As such, it’s great for laminating and is often used for laminated beams and edges.

Finding Hemlock Wood

Hemlock has many benefits that make it the perfect lumber choice for various situations. Norcross Supply Company is a lumbar supplier based in Norcross, GA. We can supply you with hemlock, as well as different types of lumbar.

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